Friday, July 17, 2009

The Heroes Strike Back. Finally.

I’ve recently written about the struggles of the heroes to win the quick version of Last Night on Earth. Every time out they just seem to get slaughtered. The other night the stars were aligned and a major breakthrough occurred as the isolated hero emerged triumphant. So who was this lone, brave warrior? The unlikely Amanda, Prom Queen. Honestly I’m surprised that Amanda was the one to finally pull through and throw a victory into the hero column. For starters her abilities are not particularly well suited to being a solitary hero, or so it would seem. Her first ability is totally nullified by the scenario because it allows her to add an extra fight die to any male hero that she shares a space with. I’m not sure what that power says about Amanda, but that is a blog for another day. Normally it’s tough to use but good if you can get it going. The second allows her to avoid a fight by hiding. On a roll of 4+ she disappears from the zombie’s sight and lives to fight another round. She is essentially a traveling cornfield. An excellent ability but one that I foolishly thought would not be good for this scenario since the objective is to kill zombies, not just survive them. As a student hero she has the standard two wounds, which blows. It seemed like an uphill battle but kudos to Mike for working a good strategy.

The smart zombie strategy would be to disperse the undead all over the board and make the hero pursue, you only have to survive ten rounds as the zombie player. But we sort of have an unwritten rule that the zombies should be aggressive, which I did and went after her from the start. Mike rolled well when it came to hiding and barely had to fight in the early rounds, using a couple of cards to help him out when he did have to throw down. The hiding bought him time to search and come across some good cards. He hit the jackpot with the chainsaw, the ultimate weapon for this type of matchup because it absolutely chews up zombies. Any time a hero wins a fight the zombie is killed, rather than just defeated. Somehow this weapon was just sitting there in the post office. Odd. I actually thought that I had her on the ropes because she was surrounded until the weapon came into play. I didn’t last long after that. Mike rolled well, I did not and the rest is history. Congratulations Mike. Well played.

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