Saturday, August 8, 2009

Murder at 40,000 Feet

Due to my lack of small games that travel well, the much maligned Murdero made the trek with me to Eastern Europe. I figured that it would work well on a plane since the cards you are laying down and the draw and discard piles should be able to easily fit on one of the awful flip down tables that they have on planes. I was correct on those accounts, it fit well. While flying over Rejkavik Jesse and I engaged in a game of this murder mystery rummy treat. On the bright side I was finally able to play it as a two player game, which I had not done though I sort of felt that it would be best between two players. It definitely does work better. It is easier to “solve a crime” and close out a set, but the major issues remain. The standout one being the games glaring lack of fun, regardless of the number of players. Really, the only reason that I brought it was because I did not have all that many options. Jesse had never played before but that did not stop him defeating me 128-56.

The best traveling game out there still seems to be a deck of cards. We had numerous good games of Rummy 500 in airports and on trains that made us quickly forget about Murdero.

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