Friday, March 20, 2009

Last Night on Earth- Hero vs Hero

Now that the zombies have been fended off and the dust has settled it is time for the survivors to fight for supplies and supremacy. A friend and I modified the rules of Last Night on Earth and made it into a battle of hero vs hero, the goal being pretty staightforward- kill the other team. We set it up sort of like capture the flag with teams of three. Each team had a counter that served as a flag, the other team had to get to the "flag" and bring it back to the building they had designated as their fort. Easy enough.

For the board we used four of the L-shaped pieces to form a narrow rectangle, which seemed a little constraining so we also added the large square piece off to the side to give a little more space to move in. The move and search rules were unmodified from the original game and for combat we just went with the higher roll causes a wound, tie goes to the attacker. We used just the Hero deck for cards and there were more than a couple we had to ignore because they specifically mention zombies and couldn't be altered all that easy, but not a problem at all. We randomly drew our
heroes and proceeded to kill one another. We also gave each character a random hero card to start.

One thing became obvious right away, this was going to be all about firepower. Guns ruled the day (makes sense) and I was in serious trouble from the get go. I had Father Joseph (can't use guns), Sally (can only use the revolver), and Billy (a fast runner!). Mike was packing an arsenal with the gun toting Sheriff Anderson and Rachelle plus Becky to run around and scavenge.

I tried to capitalize on Billy's speed and make a dash for the flag. He wound up getting pinned down in the gas station and shot to death by his father. The rest of the battle sort of went the same and I lost pretty convincingly.

I think that the game went pretty well and was definitely fun. It was fast (about 15 minutes) and has a lot of potential if we fleshed out the rules some more and came up with more story driven missions. I would play again.

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