Sunday, March 8, 2009

My DM screen

The DM screen that I have been using for the last two years or so is actually two parts of the board to Wizard’s Quest, an old Avalon Hill game. I have them on their sides and touching each other, it’s a good size and does the job well.

The D20 system makes most charts irrelevant (opposed to 1st or 2nd edition where everything was bizarre charts that had nothing to do with one another) so I chose to customize mine with the info I felt I would use the most. I have two pieces of paper cut down to fit the screen and the ends are folded over so I can hook them over the top. One has conditions and the corresponding modifiers to AC and Attack. Someone is entangled, I need to know how that it effects their attack bonus? Got it. What is your AC now that you are sickened? Right there. I think it’s a great resource. It also has the diplomacy DC chart from the PHB, which I find useful and frequently extend to other types of checks. If there were more undead in this campaign I would also include the cleric turning rules, which are very unlike other rules and I have to look up every time we use them.

The other sheet I use has all the NPC’s in the world with a brief (3-5 word) description of what they do and where they live. I find this very helpful when the PC’s ask questions and it is great for helping to establish NPC’s since I never forget who they are. I also take notes about their relationships with the PC’s, which is even more important for developing good times.

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snow said...

It's not tall enough. Curious shorties like me can still peer over it to see your rolls. And this is why I can't sit next to you.